What we believe

  1. Bible (39 Hebrew and 27 Greek books of canon) is the Word of God, and the primary standard of faith and living for believers. It contains all that is necessary for understanding Gods will, salvation, believers life, in the context of church life, personal and social life.
  2. Holy Trinity. According to Scripture and early council we believe in triune God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  3. Man was created in Gods image but by falling into sin that image was damaged. Every person is born sinful and is thus responsible before God for his life and decisions. Man does not have the ability to restore the relationship with God.
  4. Eternal judgment. After death every person comes on judgement before God where it will answer to God for his life.
  5. Salvation is a redemption act made through the ministry of  Jesus and is undeserved. Salvation is offered based on faith in Jesus Christ.
  6. New birth is a Christian experience connected with faith and conversion of the believer. It happens in the innermost being of a person (heart) and it is seen in God through dedicated ethics and worship.
  7. Church is a community of believers in Jesus Christ. A place where the Word of God is being preached, sacraments are administered and church discipline is maintained.
  8. Tradition. EMC accepts early confessions of creeds of the Christian church: Apostolic, Nicene – Constantinople and Athanasius creed. As a protestant church, it accepts records and beliefs from protestant reformation (like Augsburg or Westminster confessions of faith) and documents and beliefs of Methodist founders (John and Charles Wesley, George Whitefield). EMC accepts evangelical declarations like Lausanne Commitment.
  9. Marriage and sexuality. Marriage is a lifelong covenant between one man and one women created from the beginning of the World for the purpose of fellowship, love and procreation. Sexuality is intended solely inside marriage. Christian teaching rejects and depicts as sin alternative forms of sexuality like: sex outside the marriage, homosexuality etc.
  10. Missions and Evangelization according to the Great Commission of Jesus (Mt 28), the first task of the church is to declare the good news – the Gospel to all people of all ages. The role of the Church after that is to make disciples and train them for active service in Church and in the community. EMC in Croatia takes the Great Commission of Jesus Christ has the highest priority and urgency.
  11. Return of Jesus Christ. We believe in the return of Jesus Christ who will judge the World and will separate the just from the unjust, wheat from weed. Convicted will perish into eternal suffering while the life in Heaven is intended for believers and ones that are saved by the mercy of God. The judged will perish into eternal suffering while Heaven is intended for believers that are saved by the mercy of God. EMC rejects the teaching of purgatory as unbiblicall.
  12. Connection. EMC maintains relationships with The Methodist Churches who share the same beliefs. Also it nurtures relationships with other protestant and evangelical churches who share similar beliefs as EMC. With other christian churches EMC cooperates in promoting and protecting same ethical and social values.
  13. Social responsibility. One of the important traditions of Methodism is social responsibility and involvement of believers for common good of the community in which they live. EMC special attentions goes to socially weak groups. We pledge for protection of life from its conception til natural death and for preservation of environment.